Pilling is normal for cashmere. 

Cashmere is a very soft and delicate piece of fabric and it requires special care.

Following these simple routines will help you to keep your cashmere last a lifetime:

• Wash the garment by hand at room temperature or in a washing machine on a wool / silk program in cold water

• For washing use only special liquid detergents for wool or delicate fabrics

• It is better to dry unfolded

• Ironing on temperature mode for wool with steaming

• Do not dry clean the product. From chemical treatment the fibers become thinner and coarser

• Cashmere items must not be draped. Give your cashmere garment a couple of days to rest and be sure to wash it after 4-5 outings

• Avoid wearing the item underneath coarse lined or unlined outerwear as this can lead to pilling


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